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Why we do this, and how we can help you.

As a small business, family, or a single person on the go, we find that we run out of time, not sure what to do with the clutter, or pay to have it removed. Here's how we can help by picking up your E-waste, cell phones, cables, cords, TVs, stereos, lamps, kitchen items, yard equipment, lead acid batteries, house hold and business equipment at the end of its life. As a father and a small business owner I could see that these things were going into land fills, which are filling up and we're running out of room. Many of these things can contaminate the soil and ground water. So I started to look for places to reclaim, reuse or recycle. All you have to do to help is look around your house or business pile up the items, and E-mail us, the best time times for pickup, with a contact phone number. We will call and schedule a pickup. If your not sure, and have a question about items that we can and cannot take just send an E-mail with your question. The area we cover is Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

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